John Morrison

Title | Organization: 
Assistant Professor | Barnard College

B.A.,  Williams College (2001) 
M.A.,  University of Pittsburgh (2004) 
Ph.D., New York University (2009)

Professor Morrison joined the Department in 2009.  He is currently working on two projects.   The first is about the way we visually represent colors, locations, and durations. It draws heavily on empirical psychology, particularly psychophysics and cognitive psychology.  The second project is about the foundations of Spinoza's metaphysics. He hopes to improve our understanding of his three basic, undefined relations: causation, conception, and inherence. He also hopes to improve our understanding of the role of God's attributes (e.g., extension) in Spinoza's arguments.

Areas of Specialization: 

Philosophy of Mind; Early Modern Philosophy (esp. Spinoza)

Articles / Publications: 

"Colour in a Physical World: A Problem due to Visual Noise" forthcoming in Mind.

"The Relation between Conception and Causation in Spinoza's Metaphysics" forthcoming in Philosophers' Imprint.

"Anti-Atomism about Color Representation" forthcoming in Nous.