Christine Susienka

Title | Organization: 
Graduate Student | Ph.D. program in Philosophy
Student Year: 
7th Year PhD Student (Dissertation Phase)
Areas of Specialization: 

Ethics and Political Philosophy


I work primarily in ethics and political philosophy and am also interested in moral psychology, action theory, and the role of emotions in belief formation and revision. My current research is on the philosophy of human rights, and it more specifically asks about the function and justification of human rights as well as about the criteria for being a human rights holder or duty-bearer. I am particularly interested in philosophical arguments for why (assuming for now that they do) all human beings ought to count as human rights holders.   I believe that the answer to this question might in part come from looking at accounts of partiality and group membership such as those offered by Samuel Scheffler and Niko Kolodny.  In addressing these questions, I will continue delving both into the philosophical literature on human rights, particularly the personhood account of James Griffin and the political and practical accounts of Joseph Raz and Charles Beitz respectively, as well as into the international human rights instruments. Throughout the course of the project I also anticipate engaging with the literature on moral status.