2020-2021 (including summer '21)

This page displays the planned 2020-2021 curriculum in full (including the summer 2021 "semester"). Due to the ongoing development of the pandemic response and future uncertainties, this list does not guarantee that a course will be offered or offered as listed, as course offerings may change due to necessity. Students are encouraged to check this page for updates and to verify the course is offered as listed via the Directory of Classes and Virgil. Please report any discrepancies to the Department staff as soon as possible. Course meeting days and times will be updated as they become available. 

Please note:

In addition to traditional semester-long (14-week) course offerings, the Department will also offer 7-week immersive "block" courses. These courses will cover a semester’s worth of material in a shorter period of time and will meet for twice as many hours per week, allowing more contact between faculty and students and more sustained focus on the class content. They will be offered in either the first half of a semester (e.g., Fall A, Spring A, Summer A) or in the second half of a semester (e.g., Fall B, Spring B, Summer B).   

Revised Curriculum 2020-2021

Fall A:

PHIL UN1001 Intro. To Philosophy (Taylor Carman) MTRF 10:10-11:25

PHIL UN3912 (011) Death & Meaning of Life (Jenann Ismael) MW 4:10-6 


Fall B:

PHIL UN1401 Intro. Logic (Karen Lewis) MTWR 10:10-11:25

PHIL UNBC4050 Senior Seminar (Taylor Carman) TR 2:10-4:00

PHIL UN3912 (014) Rawls’ Theory of Justice (Fred Neuhouser) TR 10:10-12:00

PHIL GU4055 Aesthetics (Lydia Goehr) MW 6:10-8:00 

PHIL GU4900 Early Modern - Phil & War/Peace (Aminah Hasan) T 4:10-6:00

PHIL GR6720 Ethics: Noncognitivism (Justin Clarke-Doane) WF 2:10-4 

PHIL GR9658 Mind-Body Problem (Jenann Ismael) MW 4:10-6:00

PHIL GR9750 Political Phil (Axel Honneth) M 12:10-2 


Fall Full Semester:

PHIL UN1001 Intro. To Philosophy (Francey Russell) TR 2:40-3:55

PHIL UN1010 Methods & Problems of Phil (Akeel Bilgrami) MW 2:40-3:55

PHILUN2101 History I (Katja Vogt) MW 1:10-2:25

PHIL UN3264 19thc. Phil: Hegel (Fred Neuhouser) MW 10:10-11:25

PHIL UN3353 European Social (Axel Honneth) TR 8:40-9:55

PHIL UN3411 Symbolic Logic (Tamar Lando) TR 10:10-11:25

PHIL UN3551 Phil. Of Science (Jenann Ismael) MW 11:40-12:55

PHIL UN3601 Metaphysics (Justin Clarke-Doane) MW 6:10-7:25

PHIL UN3716 Tpcs. In Ethics (Francey Russell) TR 11:40-12:55

PHIL UN3752 Phil of Law (Michele Moody-Adams) MW 4:10-5:25

PHIL UN3858 Cultivating Individuality (Natalia Rogach) W 12:10-2:00

PHIL GU4424 Modal Logic (Tamar Lando) R 12:10-2:00

PHIL GR4561 Probability & Decision (Jessica Collins) W 10:10-12:00

CSPH GU4802 Math Logic II (Haim Gaifman) F 12:10-2:00

CTH G6062 Global Political Thought (Bilgrami/Diouf/Doyle) T 11:00-12:50

PHIL GR6730 Russell (Haim Gaifman) W 2:10-4:00

PHIL GR6880 Proseminar (Varzi) M 2:10-4:00

PHIL GR9110 Metaethics (Katja Vogt) T 10:10-12:00

PHIL GR9515 Metaphysics (Varzi/Priest) T 2:10-4:00

PHIL GR9576 Space & Time (David Albert) W 4:10-6:00

PHIL GR9577 Quantum Mechanics (David Albert) R 2:10-4:00

PHIL GR9990 Thesis Prep (Chris Peacocke) W 6:10-8:00


Spring A:

PHIL UN1001 Intro. To Phil. (Francey Russell) TR 2:10-4:00

PHIL UN3912 Seminar (Lydia Goehr) MW 2:10-4:00


Spring B:

PHIL GU4740 Islamic Philosophy (Souleymane Bachir Diagne) MW 2:10-4:00

PHIL GR9180 Moral Psychology (Kitcher/Russell) TR 2:10-4:00

PHIL GR9703 Recognition (Axel Honneth) TR 2:10-4:00


Spring Full Semester:

PHIL UN1010 Methods & Problems (David Albert) MW 1:10-2:25

PHIL UN2108 Phil & History (Lydia Goehr) MW 8:40-9:55

PHIL UN2201* History II (John Morrison) TR 2:40-3:55

PHIL UN3411* Symbolic Logic (Achille Varzi) TR 2:40-3:55

PHIL UN3701* Ethics (Michele Moody-Adams) MW 2:40-3:55

PHIL UN3861 Language & Society (Richard Booth) W 12:10-2:00

PHIL UN3751 Political Phil. (Axel Honneth) TR 8:40-9:55

PHIL UN3912 (003) Seminar: Philosophy & Slavery (Aminah Hasan) R 12:10-2:00

PHIL UN3912 (004) Seminar: Kant (Patricia Kitcher) W 4:10-6:00

PHIL UN3912 (018) Seminar: Thought Experiments (Achille Varzi) M 12:10-2:00

PHIL UN3960* Epistemology (Justin Clarke-Doane) TR 6:10-7:25

PHIL GU4142 Philosophy & Romanticism (Wolfgang Mann) T 12:10-2:00

PHIL GU4481 Phil. Of Language (Haim Gaifman) W 4:10-6:00

PHIL GU4763 Feminist Social Political Phil (Karen Lewis) W 10:10-12:00

PHIL GU4809 Plato (Katja Vogt) T 10:10-12:00

PHIL UN4950 Econ/Phil Seminar (Jessica Collins) T 10:10-12:00

PHILGR6735 Vagueness (Haim Gaifman) R 12:10-2:00

PHIL GR6880 Proseminar (Achille Varzi) M 4:10-6:00

PHIL GR9239 Descrying the World in Physics (Justin Clarke-Doane) W 6:10-8:00

PHIL GR9350 Heidegger’s Being & Time (Taylor Carman) M 10:10-12:00

PHIL GR9632 Freedom (Carol Rovane) W 4:10-6:00

PHIL GR9755 Problems of Social Philosophy (Fred Neuhouser) R 10:10-12:00

PHIL GR9985 Proposal Prep. (Karen Lewis) F 10:10-12:00


Summer A:

PHILUN2655 Cognitive Science & Philosophy (John Morrison) MTWR 10:45am-12:20pm

PHILUN2685 Philosophy of Language (Karen Lewis) TR 1:00-4:10pm

Summer B: 

PHILS3411  Symbolic Logic  (Achille Varzi) MW 9:00am-12:10pm
PHILS3550  Existentialism (Taylor Carman) TR 9:00am-12:10pm
PHILS3551  Philosophy of Science (Jenann Ismael) MW 1:00-4:10pm