Job Candidates

Areas of Specialization: Philosophy of Mind; Philosophy of Cognitive Science; Philosophy of Neuroscience
Dissertation: Animal Minds in Time
Areas of Specialization: Philosophy of Language and Linguistics; Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science, and Neuroscience
Dissertation: The Semantic Architecture of the Faculty of Language: Compositional Operations and Complex Lexical Representations
Dissertation Abstract
Areas of Specialization: Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy; Aesthetics (historical and contemporary); Philosophy of Art
Dissertation: "Beauty on Display: Plato and the Concept of the Kalon"

Jeremy Forster
Areas of Specialization: 19th and 20th Century European Philosophy; Nietzsche
Dissertation: Nietzsche and the Pathologies of Meaning
Dissertation Abstract

Area of Specialization: Philosophy of Mind
Dissertation: Patterns of Perception
Areas of Specialization: Philosophy of Action; Philosophy of Mind
Dissertation: Agency and the Attitudes: Responsibility through Reasoning
Areas of Specialization: German Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Political Economy
Gal Katz
Areas of Specialization: 19th Century German Philosophy, Social Philosophy, History of Skepticism
Yang Liu
Areas of Specialization: Logic, Philosophy of Probability, Formal Epistemology
Dissertation: Probabilities: Studies in the Foundations of Bayesian Decision Theory
Dissertation Abstract

Katharine McIntyre

Areas of Specialization: 19th- and 20th-century European Philosophy; Social Philosophy (especially Hegel, Nietzsche, Foucault, and contemporary critical theory)
Dissertation: Freedom from Domination: A Foucauldian Account of Power, Subject Formation, and the Need for Recognition
Dissertation Abstract
Matt Moss
Areas of Specialization: Philosophy of Language; Formal Semantics; Pragmatics
Dissertation: Defining Marks: A Defense of the Predicate View of Proper Names
Dissertation Abstract
Areas of Specialization: Ancient Philosophy; Moral Psychology
Dissertation: Aristotle’s pathÄ“: Why they matter
Dissertation Abstract

Jonathan Rick

Areas of Specialization: Moral and Political Philosophy; History of Early Modern Moral Philosophy
Dissertation: From Partial Passions to Moral Sentiments: Taking Up Adam Smith’s Impartial Spectator Perspective
Dissertation Abstract
Areas of Specialization: Philosophy of Physics, History and Philosophy 
of Science
Dissertation: Representation and Realism in the Age of Effective Theories

Beau Shaw

Areas of Specialization: 19th and 20th century European philosophy
Dissertation: Authenticity and Death in Being and Time
Dissertation Abstract

Michael Stevenson

Areas of Specialization: 19th and 20th Century European Philosophy; Kant
Dissertation: Subjectivity and Selfhood in Kant, Fichte, and Heidegger
Dissertation Abstract

Philip Yaure
Areas of Specialization: Social and Political Philosophy; Philosophy of Race (esp. History of African American Political Thought); Early Modern Philosophy (esp. Locke)
Dissertation: To Reforge the Nation: Emancipatory Politics and Antebellum Black Abolitionism