Olivia Leigh Branscum

Olivia Leigh Branscum

Graduate Student | Ph.D. program in Philosophy

5th Year Ph.D. Student (ABD)

2021-2022 Lead Teaching Fellow, Center for Teaching and Learning

Olivia Branscum studies the history of metaphysics and the philosophy of mind, with a particular emphasis on mind-body problems in the late medieval and early modern periods. Olivia’s dissertation project argues that Margaret Cavendish and Anne Conway can both be understood as panpsychists who redefine ‘body’ to accommodate the ubiquity of extended thinking stuff in creation. Other philosophical interests of Olivia’s include identity and individuation, non-human agency, phenomenology, and various issues in the philosophy of art.

Olivia is also an experienced podcast producer and audio editor. In addition to her academic research, Olivia thinks a lot about making scholarship accessible to different publics and the uses of audio media in public humanities projects.