Isaac Levi

Title | Organization: 
Dewey Professor Emeritus Philosophy | Columbia University

B.A., New York University (1947)
M.A., Columbia University (1953)
Ph.D., Columbia University (1957)
Ph.D., Honorus Causa, Lund University (1988)

Professor Levi began teaching at Columbia in 1970, coming from Case Western Reserve.  A member of the National Academy of Arts and Sciences, his publications include Gambling with Truth (1967), The Enterprise of Knowledge (1980), Decisions and Revisions (1984), Hard Choices: Decision Making Under Unresolved Conflict, published by Cambridge University Press in 1986, and The Fixation of Belief and Its Undoing (1991),  For the Sake of the Argument: Ramsey Test Conditionals, Inductive Inference and Nonmonotonic Reasoning (1996), and The Covenant of Reason (1997). He is an editor of the Journal of Philosophy, and has contributed numerous articles to professional journals. 

Areas of Specialization: 

Philosophy of Science; Epistemology; Rational Choice; Theories of Belief Change; Peirce Studies

Articles / Publications: 
  • "Imprecise and Indeterminate Probabilities," Risk, Decision and Policy, 5, 1-12.
  • Review article. James Joyce: The Foundations of Causal Decision Theory, The Journal of Philosophy 97, 387-402.
  • “Inductive Expansion and Nonmonotonic Reasoning,” Frontiers in Belief Revision edited by Mary-Anne Williams and Hans Rott, Dordrecht: Kluwer, 7-56.
  • “Objective Modality and Direct Inference,”, The Monist 84, 179-207.
  • Introduction to Risk, Ambiguity and Decision by Daniel Ellsberg, New York: Garland.ix ­ xxvii.
  • “Seeking Truth”, Belief and Meaning: Essays at the Interface ed. by Wolfram Hinzen and Hans Rott, Munich: Dr. Hänsel-Hohenhausen AG, pp.119-138.
  • “Money Pumps and Diachronic Books,” Proceedings of the 2000 Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association. Supplement to Philosophy of Science, 69, S235-247.
  • “Maximizing and Satisficing Measures of Evidential Support,” Reading Natural : Essays in the History and Philosophy of Science and Mathematics, edited by David Malament, Chicago: Open Court, 315-333.
  • “Commitment and Change of View,” in Reason and Nature ed. by José Bermúdez and Alan Millar, Mind Association Occasional Series, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 209-32.
  • “Disposition and Conditionals,” in Real Metaphysics ed. by H. Lillehammar and Gonzalo Roriguez-Pereyra, London: Routledge, ch.9.
  • “Counterexamples to Recovery and the Filtering Condition,” Studia Logica 73, 209-218.