Una Stojnić

Title | Organization: 
Assistant Professor | Columbia University
B.A., University of Belgrade (2010);
Ph.D., Rutgers University (2016).
Una Stojnić mainly works in philosophy of language, formal semantics and pragmatics of natural languages and philosophical logic. She also works in philosophy of mind, cognitive science and epistemology. 

Her research aims at understanding and modeling language and linguistic communication, which situates her work within a network of traditional questions in philosophy of language, as well as within a set of empirical questions in linguistics and cognitive sciences. Her most recent work concerns the interplay between context-change and context-sensitivity, and the way in which the mechanisms of information structure and discourse coherence affect the resolution of semantic ambiguities.

Prior to joining the Department of Philosophy at Columbia University, she was a Bersoff Assistant Professor of Philosophy at New York University, and a Research Fellow in Philosophy at Australian National University. Prior to that she completed her PhD in Philosophy and a Graduate Certificate in Cognitive Science at Rutgers University. 

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Areas of Specialization: 

Philosophy of Language; Formal Semantics and Pragmatics of Natural Languages; Philosophy of Logic; Philosophy of Mind; Cognitive Science; Epistemology