Anthony Garruzzo

Title | Organization: 
Graduate Student | Ph.D. program in Philosophy
Student Year: 
3rd Year Ph.D. Student (Pre-dissertation phase)

I earned my B.A. in 2017 at the College of Charleston, where I studied philosophy, English literature, and linguistics. My interests are primarily in metaethics, particularly in questions about what can justify the ethical demands made on a person in light of what I take to be vital dimensions of modern ethical life, like the historicity of values, the complicated nature of authenticity and autonomy, and the relationship between alienation and the recognition of personhood in others. 


I also have interests in aesthetics, especially in the ways in which certain kinds of ethical knowledge can be best (perhaps even only) realized in literary writing and what aesthetic taste has to do with ethical autonomy. And I have an interest in pragmatism and American transcendentalism as well.