Anthony Garruzzo

Title | Organization: 
Graduate Student | Ph.D. program in Philosophy
Student Year: 
3rd Year Ph.D. Student (Pre-dissertation phase)

My main interest is in the philosophy of action, in particular in what distinguishes human action from mere bodily movement, how it is possible (if it even is) for an action to be free, and to what extent the first-person perspective explains the distinctive character of human agency. I approach these questions from a broadly Heideggerian standpoint, according to which the deliberative, individualist conception of action that is so often the starting point in the philosophy of action identifies a kind of agency parasitic on more fundamental forms of agency that are essentially social and non-rational in character.

I also have historical interests in existentialism and critical theory, especially as these traditions address questions of agency and freedom, as well as in ethics and the philosophy of art.