Buka Okoye

Title | Organization: 
Graduate Student | M.A. program in Philosophy
Student Year: 
2nd Year M.A. Student

My main interests are in philosophy of language, ancient philosophy, social and political philosophy, and philosophy of mind. Specifically, in philosophy of language, I am interested in Lesniewski’s and Quine’s accounts of ontology, Quine’s account of ontological commitment, Tarski’s semantic concept of truth and satisfaction, the semantic concept of existence, the syntactical concept of predication, semantic externalism, the late Wittgenstein and Donald Davidson. In ancient philosophy, I am mainly interested in Plato and Aristotle’s criticisms of democracy and their accounts of being, particulars, the existence of universals and their responses to Protagorean relativism at the epistemological and ontological levels.  In social and political philosophy, I am concerned with the corpus of Jacques Ranciere and his account of democracy, political disagreement, the ‘equality of speaking beings’, his rejection of the mind-brain identification and the implications of this rejection for political theory. I am also interested in the philosophy of mind spanning the topics of mental externalism, folk psychology, the distinction between mental and physical predicates, perceptual states, Quine’s epistemological triangle and his anomalous monism, neutral monism and Spinoza’s parallelism.