Ignacio Ojea Quintana

Title | Organization: 
Graduate | Ph.D. program in Philosophy

2018-2019 Core Preceptor: Contemporary Civilization


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Dissertation Abstract:

"Opinions and emotions as socially distributed attitudes"

The dissertation focuses on how to best represent the consensus and dynamic of a social group given the attitude of its individuals. Its central concern is the relation between the individual and the collective. The essays comprising its chapters characterize group opinion within Bayesian epistemology, judgments of sympathy via utility theory, and their dynamics through contagion on networks. 
Areas of Specialization: 

Formal Epistemology (including Game and Decision Theory), Social Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophical Logic.

Areas of Competence: 

Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics, American Pragmatism, Mathematical Logic.

Articles / Publications: 

“Learning and pooling, pooling and learning," (with Rush Stewart), Erkenntnis, June 2018, Volume 83, Issue 3, pp 369–389.

"Probabilistic Opinion Pooling with Imprecise Probabilities," (with Rush Stewart), Journal of Philosophical Logic, February 2018, Volume 47, Issue 1, pp 17–45.

“On Semantic Gamification," Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 10119, pp. 183-197. Proceedings of the Indian Conference for Logic and its Applications (ICLA), 2017.

"La Paradoja de Newcomb," in Paradojas, Paradojas y más Paradojas, Eduardo Barrio (editor), College Publications, 2014, pp. 165-181.

“The structural collapse approach reconsidered," (a response to Roy T. Cook), Análisis Filosófico, Volume 32 (1), 2012, pp. 61-68.

Awards and Distinctions: 

David H. Siff Philosophy of Science Award, 2016 [joint prize with Rush Stewart]

David H. Siff Philosophy of Science Award, 2015 [joint prize with Rush Stewart]