Jorge Morales

Title | Organization: 
Job Candidate | Ph.D. program in Philosophy
Areas of Specialization: 

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychology & Philosophy of Neuroscience

Areas of Competence: 

Philosophy: Philosophy of Science, Logic, Epistemology

Psychology and Neuroscience: Metacognition, Consciousness, and Attention; Psychophysics (Signal Detection Theory); Neuroimaging (fMRI)


My research lies on the intersection of philosophy of mind and cognitive science. In my philosophical work, I study conscious mental states and how we know them through introspection. In my work as a cognitive neuroscientist, I study the psychological mechanisms and neural substrates of metacognition, consciousness, and attention. I also active research interests in animal cognition and the contents of perception, as well as in the philosophy of psychology and neuroscience, and in general philosophy of science.
In my dissertation, I study conscious mental states and how we know them. Our mental states have varying degrees of strength; our pains are more or less intense, our mental imagery is more or less vivid, our perceptions of sound are more or less striking, and our desires are more or less intense. I use mental strength to develop a systematic and neuropsychologically plausible theory of introspection. I also use mental strength to illuminate philosophical discussions related to metacognition, inattentional blindness, representationalism, and the transparency of experiences.

Since 2011, I am an affiliate in Hakwan Lau's Lab (UCLA). I have also collaborated with Steve Fleming (UCL) in a project about the neural substrates of metacognition.