Nathan Bice

Title | Organization: 
Graduate Student | Ph.D. program in Philosophy
Student Year: 
Ph.D. Student (Dissertation Phase)
Areas of Specialization: 

Philosophy of Logic, Frege, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language

Areas of Competence: 

Mathematical Logic, Kant (primarily First Critique), Metaphysics, Formal Epistemology (e.g. Decision Theory), Philosophy of Mathematics


As an undergraduate, I majored in both philosophy and mathematics at the University of Wisconsin: Madison and wrote an honors thesis on issues at the intersection of artificial intelligence, decision theory, and philosophy of science. These days, my research is more focused on issues at the intersection of philosophy of logic and philosophy of mind. In particular, I am taking a careful look at Gottlob Frege's philosophical and mathematical project, with an eye toward seeing which traditional philosophical objections can be successfully answered, as well as how to incorporate what we've learned in the foundations of mathematics over the past century or so.

Outside of mathematical logic, my mathematical interests tend to cluster around abstract algebra and topology. Within mathematical logic, I tend to prefer computability/recursion theory and model theory to set theory and proof theory. In philosophy, I am interested in practically everything. At the end of the day, getting me interested in something isn't especially difficult.