Olivia Branscum

Title | Organization: 
Graduate Student | Ph.D. program in Philosophy
Student Year: 
3rd Year Ph.D. Student (Pre-dissertation phase)
Areas of Interest:
History of Philosophy; Philosophy of/in Art & Literature; Epistemology; Critical Race & Feminist Theory

Olivia studies the history (and historiography) of philosophy from a critical feminist perspective. She is interested in the early modern and medieval periods as loci for the development of norms that continue to influence contemporary intellectual practices. In addition, Olivia thinks about how the canonical exclusion of contributions by certain groups (i.e. women and gender-variant people, people of color, and non-Western people) and in diverse dialectical forms (such as art, literature, and oral traditions) affects the knowledge produced by philosophy. Recently, she has started wondering about testimony, disagreement, and what credence one owes fellow community members with whom one disagrees.

Olivia holds a BA in Philosophy and Studio Art from UNC-Chapel Hill (2015). Alongside her philosophical interests, she avidly consumes art, art history, historical fantasy novels with strong female protagonists, and radio broadcasts.
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