Sabina Vaccarino Bremner

Title | Organization: 
Graduate Student | Ph.D. program in Philosophy
Student Year: 
6th Year Ph.D. Student (Dissertation Phase)

Sabina works on Kant and post-Kantian philosophy and moral/political philosophy. At the moment, she is developing an account of Kantian ethics that positions reflective judgment -- the kind of judgment presented in the Critique of Judgment as required to create or generate principles from experience, rather than to subsume particulars under a priori principles -- as central to Kant's views on autonomy and the generation of practical maxims of action. This project intersects with her general interest in the historicity of ethics and practical deliberation, which has also motivated her research on Michel Foucault, critical theory, feminist and social philosophy, and early analytic philosophy.


Sabina holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of Chicago (2014). Her work has been supported by a year-long DAAD fellowship in Frankfurt (2014-2015) and a Council for European Studies fellowship in Paris (2017).