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Spring 2018

Saturday, March 24th 2018

The 18th Annual Columbia-NYU Graduate Conference in Philosophy

Keynote Speaker:
Richard Moran, Brian D. Young Professor of Philosophy, Harvard University
LOCATION: 310 Fayerweather Hall
Organizing Committee:
Martina Botti, Olivia Branscum, Anthony Garruzzo,
Chuyu Tian, Helen Zhao (Columbia), Alan Barat,
Banafsheh Beizaei, Sophie Cote, Clara Lingle, Stephan
Pohl (NYU)
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Spring 2017

February 24th-25th, 2017
Science, Value, and Pragmatism

Organized By: Max Hayward, Robbie Kubala, Ignacio Quintana, and Professor Philip Kitcher

"Pragmatists suppose that our epistemic projects, in scientific and normative domains alike, are motivated by and assessable in terms of the aims of inquiry.  Science, Value, and Pragmatism brings together philosophers whose work touches on the connections between these three topics".

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April 1st, 2017
The 17th Annual Columbia-NYU Graduate Conference in Philosophy

Keynote Speaker

Karen Jones (University of Melbourne/ Princeton Center for Human Values)

Organizing Committee

Juan Garcia, Yarran Hominh, Andrew Richmond (Columbia);
Caroline Bowman, Joseph Carlsmith, Andrea Nespola, Ketan Ramakrishnan, Daniel Sharp (NYU)

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Spring 2016

April 29-30, 2016
1st Latino/a Philosophers Conference

Keynote Speaker
Otavio Bueno (University of Miami)
Jorge Gracia (SUNY Buffalo)

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February 27, 2016

The 16th Annual Columbia-NYU Graduate Conference in Philosophy

Keynote Speaker

Julia Markovits (Cornell University)

Organizing Committee

Elizabeth Benn, Eskil Elling, Phil Yaure (Columbia)
Jenny Judge, Robert Long, Andrés Soria Ruiz (NYU)

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Spring 2015

May 2

Sixth Annual Princeton-Penn-Columbia Graduate Conference in the History of Modern Philosophy
Princeton University

Keynote Speaker

Desmond Hogan (Princeton University): “Schopenhauer’s Transcendental Aesthetic”

Conference Program


April 24-26

8th Annual Conference of the American Association of Mexican Philosophers
Association’s website & Program: 


Jorge Pablo Oseguera Gamba (Florida State University)
Viorica Ramírez de Santiago (UNAM)
Elías Okón (UNAM)
Sofía Ortiz-Hinojosa (MIT)
Ricardo Mena (UNAM)
Teresa Bruno (Syracuse University)
Felipe de Brigard (Duke University)
Miguel Ángel Sebastián (UNAM)
Adriana Renero (CUNY)
Agustín Rayo (MIT)

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March 28

The 15th Annual Columbia-NYU Graduate Conference in Philosophy

Keynote Speaker
Elisabeth Camp, Associate Professor, Rutgers University

Organizing Committee
Manuel Käppler, Valérie Topf, Zhai Yunkai, Janson Chang (Columbia)
Annette Martin, Jake Zuehl, David Storrs-Fox, Arden Koehler (NYU)

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Spring 2014

April 5

The 14th Annual Columbia-NYU Graduate Conference in Philosophy

Keynote Speaker

Ted Sider, Frederick J. Whiton Professor, Cornell University

Organizing Committee

Simon Brown, Matthew Heeney, Thimo Heisenberg, Melissa Rees, Callum Watts (Columbia)
Kyle Blumberg, Andrew Lee (NYU)

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Fall 2013

October 25-26
The New York German Idealism Workshop Presents
A Joint Undertaking of the Philosophy Departments of Columbia University and the New School for Social Research

Keynote Speakers:

Robert Brandom
Eckhart Forster
Terry Pinkard
Rachel Zuckert


September 27-29

New York Philosophy of Language Workshop

Conference website:


Kent Bach (SFSU)
Elizabeth Camp (Rutgers)
Mitch Green (UConn)
Peter Hanks (Minnesota)
Rae Langton (Cambridge)
Sarah Murray (Cornell)
Stephen Neale (CUNY)
Craige Roberts (Ohio State)
Stephen Schiffer (NYU)
John Searle (Berkeley)
Robert Stalnaker (MIT)
Jason Stanley (Yale)
Will Starr (Cornell)

Conference Organizers:
Daniel Fogal (NYU)
Daniel Harris (CUNY)
Matt Moss (Columbia)

For more information about the New York Philosophy of Language Workshop, please visit our website:


Spring 2013

The 13th Annual Columbia-NYU Graduate Conference in Philosophy

Keynote Speaker: Sarah Moss  (University of Michigan -

April 6th, 2013
New York University
5 Washington Place
Room 101


Brittany Koffer (CU)
Laura Martin (CU)
Ignacio Ojea (CU)
Michelle Mary Dyke (NYU)
Vera Flocke (NYU)
Katherine Keene (NYU)


Call for Papers


Spring 2012

The 12th Annual Columbia-NYU Graduate Conference in Philosophy

Keynote Speaker: James Dreier (Brown)
April 14, 2012
602 Hamilton Hall
Conference Schedule


Fall 2010

October 16th: Philosophy in Schools: A Conference to promote Philosophical Education in American Primary and Secondary Schools

The Columbia University Philosophy Outreach Program invites teachers, graduate students in philosophy, philosophy faculty members, and school administrators to attend.

Saturday, October 16th, 2010
Beginning at 10am, Cowin Center, Teachers College

Keynote Address: Robert Paul Wolff, Professor Emeritus (formerly Philosophy and Afro-American Studies), University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Conference Speakers:
-Mitch Green, NEH Distinguished Teaching Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Virginia.
-David Hansen, Professor of Philosophy & Education, Teachers College, Columbia University.
-Deanna Kuhn, Director, Education for Thinking Institute, Professor of Psychology and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University.
-Jana Mohr Lone, Founder & Director, Northwest Center for Philosophy for Children, University of Washington.
-Judith Revel, Professor of Philosophy, University of Paris I - Sorbonne.
-Paul Thomson, Philosopher in Residence, Columbia Secondary School.
-Eric Thomas Weber, Assistant Professor, Public Policy Leadership, University of Mississippi.
-Plus: Representatives of philosophy outreach programs from the University of Memphis, Yale University, New York University, and Columbia University.

Travel Grants Available for teachers and graduate students in philosophy from the U.S.  Please contact the conference organizers for more details.

Professional Development Credit Available at Registration.

More Information: Please contact the conference organizers Michael Seifried ( and Timothy Ignaffo (, or visit the website of the Columbia University Philosophy Outreach Program.


Spring 2010

April 10th 2010: NYU-Columbia Philosophy Graduate Conference

The 10th Annual NYU-Columbia Philosophy Graduate Conference will be held April 10th, 2010 at Columbia University.

The Keynote Speaker for the conference will be Roger White, associate professor of philosophy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

For more information, please see the Conference Schedule and the Conference Website.

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