For brief descriptions of the classes, please go to the online bulletin for your school.

Fall 2009 Philosophy Courses

PHILBC1001 What Is Philosophy? Alan Gabbey
PHILBC1003 Philosophy and Human Existence Stephanie Beardman
PHILBC1004 Truth, Value, and Knowledge Sidney Felder
PHILC1010 Methods and Problems John Collins
PHILV1401 Elementary Logic John Morrison
PHILV2003 Introduction to Philosophy of Art Lydia Goehr
PHILV2101 History of Philosophy I Katja Vogt
PHILV2301 History of Philosophy III Wolfgang Mann
PHILV2702 Contemporary Moral Problems Macalester Bell
PHILV3237 Early Modern Philosophy Alan Gabbey
PHILW3248 Darwin Philip Kitcher
PHILV3251 Kant Pat Kitcher
PHILV3301 20th Century Philosophy David Sidorsky
PHILV3411 Symbolic Logic Achille Varzi
PHILV3601 Metaphysics Achille Varzi
PHILV3701 Moral Philosophy David Sidorsky
PHILBC3900 Senior Seminar Alan Gabbey
PHILC3912 Majors Seminar - Hume Pat Kitcher
PHILC3912 Majors Seminar Macalester Bell
PHILG4055 Aesthetics Lydia Goehr
PHIL G4415 Symbolic Logic Achille Varzi
PHILG4450 Philosophy of Logic Haim Gaifman
PHILG4565 Rational Choice Jeff Helzner
PHILG4900 Topics in Early Modern Philosophy Christia Mercer
PHIL G6720 Ethics Katja Vogt
PHIL G6880 Proseminar Haim Gaifman
PHIL G9101 Global Political Thought Bilgrami/ Diagne
PHILG9131 Aristotle Wolfgang Mann
PHIL G9356 Later Heidegger Taylor Carman
PHIL G9515 Topics in Metaphysics Carol Rovane
PHIL G9521 Topics in Theory of Knowledge John Collins
PHIL G9563 Explanation and Induction Jeff Helzner
PHIL G9658 Advanced Topics in Philosophy of Mind: Meaning Peacocke / Horwich
PHIL G9750 Topics in Political Philosophy Akeel Bilgrami
PHIL G9890 Works-In-Progress Seminar John Morrison
PHIL G9990 Thesis Preparation Seminar Christopher Peacocke

Spring 2010 Philosophy Courses

PHILC1010 Methods and Problems Akeel Bilgrami
PHILV2110 Philosophy and Feminism Christia Mercer
PHILV2201 History of Philosophy II: Aquinas to Kant Christia Mercer
PHILV2593 Science and Religion Philip Kitcher
PHILV3131 Aristotle Wolfgang Mann
PHILV3353 European Social Philosophy Fred Neuhouser
PHILV3411 Symbolic Logic Jeff Helzner
PHILW3551 Philosophy of Science Jeff Helzner
PHILV3654 Philosophy of Psychology Christopher Peacocke
PHILV3720 Ethics and Medicine Saul Fisher
PHILV3740 Hermeneutics Taylor Carman
PHILV3751 Social and Political Philosophy David Sidorsky
PHILC3912 Majors Seminar Carol Rovane
PHILC3912 Majors Seminar Haim Gaifman
PHILG4265 Ethical Naturalism David Sidorsky
PHILG4278 Nietzsche Fred Neuhouser
PHIL G4415 Symbolic Logic Jeff Helzner
PHILG4501 Epistemology John Collins
PHILG4660 Philosophy of Mind John Morrison
PHIL G4740 Islamic Philosophy Souleymane Diagne
ECPHG4950 Economics / Philosophy John Collins
PHILG6880 Proseminar Haim Gaifman
PHIL G9172 Medieval Metaphysics Varzi / Mann
PHIL G9180 Topics in Moral Philosophy Macalester Bell
PHIL G9221 Descartes Alan Gabbey
PHIL G9255 Kant: Critique of Pure Reason Pat Kitcher
PHIL G9525 Vagueness Haim Gaifman
PHIL G9700 European Social, Political, and Moral Thought Fred Neuhouser
PHIL G9902 Research in Philosophy Taylor Carman