Columbia College Prizes

Columbia College Prize Winners for 2021-2022:

The Jones Prize is awarded to Makena Kiara for her essay: "Decolonizing Geology: On Kitcher's Division of Epistemic Labor."

The Gutmann Prize is Co-awarded to Kavin Chada for his essay: "Meaning in Moral Reasoning: Responding to a Kierkegaardian Objection to Kant’s Ethics", and to Jeffrey Torborg for his essay: "Inference and Entitlement."


Established by Mrs. Leroy Jones in memory of her husband who was Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of University Admissions from 1909 until 1934, the prize may be awarded to a student in the College for the best essay on a topic in the Philosophy of Science, or in the Foundations of Logic.   


Established in 1987 in honor of James Gutmann, CC'18 and Professor of Philosophy, by his family and friends on the occasion of his 90th birthday. It may be awarded each year to a graduating Columbia College senior in Philosophy who plans to pursue graduate work in the field.

Winners are announced in May of each year.