Undergraduate Program Overview

The Undergraduate Program

Director of Undergraduate Studies:

Professor David Albert, 706 Philosophy Hall, [email protected]

Advisor for the Economics-Philosophy Major:

Professor Jessica Collins, 714 Philosophy Hall, [email protected]

Students interested in philosophy may pursue a major either in philosophy or in economics-philosophy. Because philosophy treats issues fundamental to both the sciences and the humanities, students are also welcome to combine their philosophy major with work in other fields.

Before declaring a major, either in economics-philosophy or in philosophy, and before deciding to combine philosophy with another discipline, students should meet with the director of undergraduate studies to formulate the program that will be best for them. Philosophy majors are given a foundation in logic and philosophical methodology, and are asked to confront fundamental questions in the main areas of philosophy: epistemology and metaphysics, ethics and political philosophy, the philosophy of mind and language, and the history of philosophy. The department requires that all majors take at least one seminar (PHIL UN3912), designed to allow students to focus on particular philosophical issues or texts in greater depth. Outstanding seniors may also pursue their own philosophical project in a senior thesis.

Over and above the courses required of all majors, there is room for considerable flexibility. Through an appropriate choice of electives from among the department's course offerings (and from related courses in other departments), there are special opportunities for focusing more intensively on one or two subfields of philosophy: for example, logic and the philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of science, ethics and political philosophy, or the history of philosophy.


A Guide to Undergraduate Programs in Philosophy