Concentration in Philosophy

Program of study: Philosophy, as an academic discipline, has significant points of contact with a wide range of other subjects-in the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences. A concentration in philosophy thus can be an attractive option for many students. Those considering becoming concentrators are strongly encouraged to meet with the director of undergraduate studies early in their sophomore year, in order to discuss their specific interests and to plan their programs of study. All concentrators should consult with the director of undergraduate studies each term before registering for courses.

Courses: At least 24 points in philosophy, chosen from courses prefixed with UN, GU, or GR. There are no specific courses required for the concentration.

NOTE: PHIL UN3912 is open to junior and senior concentrators who have taken at least four courses in philosophy. 

NOTE: Students may choose courses prefixed with GR only with the instructor's permission. Additionally, because these courses will be capped, students should register early.

Though not exactly the same, the Concentration is akin to minoring in a subject area.