Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Please see the GSAS Academic Calendar as well as the Office of the Registrar website. 

For events in the Philosophy Department, please consult the department's calendar and stay up-to-date with emails to the student listservs.

Please consult the relevant sections on the Department website as well as the Director of Graduate Studies/ Director of MA-Only Studies for specific information pertaining to Philosophy’s requirements. 

PhD Program Requirements

MA Program Requirements 

Please also consult the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences website, where you can find key deadlines and policies for the MA, MPhil, and PhD degrees.

Information can be found on the GSAS website.

MA students should register for one of the following each semester: a full-time, half, quarter, or extended residence unit.

PhD students should register for one of the following each semester: a full-time or extended residence unit. Students on their GSAS Dissertation Fellowship Year should register for matriculation and facilities. 

If you are unsure about which category to enroll in, please write to the Academic Programs Coordinator and the Director of Academic Administration and Finance.

Please contact Student Financial Services. For issues pertaining specifically to stipends, departmental awards, and salary, please write to the Director of Academic Administration and Finance.

For guidance about student visas and CPT/OPT, please see the ISSO website. Please write to [email protected] with any questions. They will be able to provide accurate and proper guidance.

Academic Information

No. Graduate students may not register for courses below the G4000-level.

The mark of an R is a non-evaluative grade that confers credit for registration without designating an A-F letter grade. It appears on SSOL and on official transcripts. Students who elect to take a course for R credit are not required to take the final exam; however, they must meet all other course requirements, unless the professor states otherwise in writing.

Students wishing to take a course for R credit must take the following steps:

  1. Contact the professor to discuss the expectations/workload for R credit.
  2. Obtain email confirmation of intent to take the course for R credit from the professor.
  3. Send a copy of the email confirmation to Academic Programs Coordinator to keep on file.
  4. Do all of the above by the registrar's due date.

For the Ph.D. in Philosophy, a minimum of 51 points at the G4000-level or above are required for the M.Phil. degree. At least 24 points must be earned for E-credit (a passing letter grade), and 21 of these must be earned within the first two years. 3 points will be earned in the third year in a Quodlibetal Studies course during the fall. In addition to this, 3 points will be earned for the Proposal Preparation Seminar (taken Pass/Fail) in the spring of the third year. The remaining points may be taken for R-credit (Registration credit).

For the MA in Philosophy, at least 30 points of coursework must be earned at the G4000 level or above. Of these, at least 18 points must qualify for E-credit (a passing letter grade). The remaining points may be taken for R-credit (Registration credit).

Please see the respective overview pages for the Ph.D. and MA programs for more details.


Students may take up to two courses outside of the Department with approval from the Director of MAO Studies or Director of Graduate Studies, depending on your program.

Students may take a maximum of two Quodlibetal Study sections over the course of the program to count towards their coursework requirements.

PhD students in years 2-7 who are in good academic standing may participate in the IUDC. More information on the consortium and the application can be found here. Please be sure to consult the Director of Graduate Studies.

First-year PhD students and MA-only students are not eligible to participate in the IUDC.


Please review the GSAS Transfer Credit Policy. To apply for transfer credit, please provide the syllabus, final transcript, and any other relevant material to the Director of Graduate Studies along with a filled-out Application for Transfer Credit. Any request for transfer credit is subject to DGS and GSAS approval. All approved transfer credits must be sent to the Academic Program Coordinator for filing.