Tamar Lando

Tamar Lando

Research Interest

Associate Professor | Columbia University

B.A. in Philosophy, Stanford University (2002)
M.A. in Mathematics, UC Berkeley (2008)
Ph.D. in Philosophy, UC Berkeley (2012)

Tamar Lando joined the department in 2012 after finishing her Ph.D. at UC Berkeley.  Her research interests are in logic and epistemology.  She has a particular interest in modal logic, topological and probabilistic semantics, as well as philosophical theories of chance, coincidence and luck.  She also has a passion for photography, and her photographs can be viewed on her website.

Selected Publications

"The Content of Indexical Belief"

"Evidence, Ignorance, and Symmetry"

"Logics Above S4 and the Lebesgue Measure Algebra," (2017) Review of Symbolic Logic, 10 (1):51-64

"Coincidence and Common Cause," (2017) Nous, 51 (1): 132-151

"Closure and Epistemic Modals," (2018) Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 97 (1), 3-22 (co-authored with Justin Bledin)

"Conclusive Reasons and Epistemic Luck," (2016) Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 94 (2): 378-395

"Dynamic Measure Logic," (2012) Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 163 (12): 1719 - 1737

Probabilistic Semantics for Modal Logic (Dissertation)