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Fall 2010 Philosophy Courses

PHILBC1001 Introduction to Philosophy Stephanie Beardman
PHILBC1001 Introduction to Philosophy Stephanie Beardman
PHILC1010 Methods & Problems John Collins
PHILV1401 Introduction to Logic John Morrison
PHILV2101 History of Philosophy I Wolfgang Mann
PHILV2108 Philosophy and History Lydia Goehr
PHILV2702 Contemporary Moral Problems Macalester Bell
ENGLW3230 Joyce Philip Kitcher
PHILV3237 Early Modern Philosophy Alan Gabbey
PHILW3264 19th Century Philosophy: Hegel Fred Neuhouser
PHILV3301 20th Century Philosophy David Sidorsky
PHILV3352 20th Century European Philosophy Taylor Carman
PHILV3411/G4415 Symbolic Logic Achille Varzi
PHILW3551 Philosophy of Science David Albert
PHILV3654 Philosophy of Psychology Pat Kitcher
PHILV3685 Philosophy of Language: Conditionals John Collins
PHILV3701 Ethics Katja Vogt
PHILV3710 Law, Liberty, Morality Cheryl Mendelson
PHILV3713 Varieties of Liberalism David Sidorsky
PHILV3716 Topics in Ethics: Love & Friendship Macalester Bell
PHILBC3900 Senior Seminar Taylor Carman
PHILC3912 Seminar: History of Philosophy/Dewey Philip Kitcher
PHILC3912 Seminar: Analytic Philosophy Haim Gaifman
PHILW3960 Epistemology Jeff Helzner
PHILG4561 Probability & Decision Theory Jeff Helzner
CSPHG4801 Mathematical Logic I Haim Gaifman
PHILG6880 Proseminar Katja Vogt
PHILG9121 History of Ancient Philosophy: Plato Wolfgang Mann
PHILG9509 Metaphysics: Ontology of the Arts Goehr / Varzi
PHILG9577 Philosophy of Physics: Quantum Mechanics David Albert
PHILG9646 Philosophy of Mind: Self-Knowledge Akeel Bilgrami
PHILG9670 Topics in Early Modern Philosophy: Spinoza's Metaphysics John Morrison

Spring 2011 Philosophy Courses

PHILBC1001 Introduction to Philosophy Alan Gabbey
PHILBC1001 Introduction to Philosophy Cheryl Mendelson
PHILC1010 Methods and Problems Akeel Bilgrami
PHILV2003 Introduction to Philosophy of Art Lydia Goehr
PHILV2201 History of Philosophy II: Aquinas to Kant John Morrison
PHILV3121 Plato Katja Vogt
PHILV3251 Kant Pat Kitcher
PHILV3252 Philosophy of Language and Mind Akeel Bilgrami
PHILV3411/G4415 Symbolic Logic Jeff Helzner
PHILV3601 Metaphysics John Collins
PHILV3701 Ethics Stephanie Beardman
PHILV3751 Political Philosophy David Sidorsky
PHILW3852 Philosophy of Literature David Sidorsky
PHILC3912 Seminar: Metaphysics: Causation Alan Gabbey
PHILC3912 Seminar: Ethics Macalester Bell
PHILG4424 Modal Logic Achille Varzi
PHILG4675 Direction of Space & Time David Albert
PHILG4740 Islamic Philosophy Seminar Souleymane Diagne
CSPHG4802 Math Logic II Haim Gaifman
ECPHG4950 Economics-Philosophy Seminar Philip Kitcher
PHILG6702 Ethics: Meta-Ethics Stephanie Beardman
PHILG6801 Aesthetics & Politics Lydia Goehr
PHILG6880 Proseminar Christopher Peacocke
PHILG9180 Topics in Moral Philosophy Katja Vogt
PHILG9280 Frege Haim Gaifman
PHILG9350 Heidegger Taylor Carman
PHILG9503 Topics in Philosophy of Science Jeff Helzner
PHILG9515 Dispositions John Collins
PHILG9658 Advanced Topics in Philosophy of Mind: Philosophy of Psychology: Subjects of Consciousness Christopher Peacocke
PHILG9755 Problems of Social Philosophy Fred Neuhouser
PHILG9990 Thesis Preparation Seminar John Morrison