Graduate Student Reading Groups

Aesthetics Reading Group

Faculty Sponsor: Professor Lydia Goehr

The Columbia University Faculty-Student Aesthetics Group meets once a week (more or less) to discuss papers, chapters, themes, and topics pertaining to aesthetics, social theory, and the arts. All approaches and methods are discussed in an open and critical environment. Faculty, graduate students and visitors passing through town are welcome, though membership and attendance should be approved by Professor Lydia Goehr ([email protected]).


Formal Philosophy Reading Group

Faculty Sponsor: Professor Haim Gaifman

The Formal Philosophy Group (FPG) at Columbia University is a faculty-student group dedicated to the study of the relation between formal methods and general philosophical investigation. FPG holds regular meetings throughout the academic year which cover a variety of topics in mathematical/philosophical logic, foundations of probability, rational choice. A schedule of meetings can be found at FPG.


Non-western Philosophy Reading Group

Faculty Sponsor: Professor Katja Vogt

The Non-Western Philosophy Reading Group meets roughly every other week for one hour to read and discuss a single philosophical text from a non-western tradition. Fall 2019 will focus on Vasubandhu's Abhidharmakosa, a dialogue that examines the nature of the person and attempts to refute the ultimate existence of selfhood. In previous semesters, the group has read Nāgārjuna’s Vigrahavyāvartanī (The Dispeller of Disputes), Jñānaśrīmitra’s Apohaprakaraṇa (Monograph on Exclusion),  Chapter 2 of the Zhuangzi (the “Equalizing Assessments of Things”), and the Daodejing. All faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students are welcome. If interested, please direct emails to Qian Cao ([email protected]) and Chuyu Tian ([email protected])


Philosophy of Language Reading Group

Faculty Sponsor: Assistant Professor Melissa Fusco

The Philosophy of Language Reading Group meets (roughly) weekly to discuss a variety of issues in philosophy of language. All faculty and students are welcome. For more information, please contact Andrew Richmond, [email protected].