Justin Clarke-Doane

Justin Clarke-Doane

Research Interest

Associate Professor | Columbia University

2011 Ph.D. Philosophy, NYU
2005 B.A. Philosophy / Mathematics, New College of Florida

Justin Clarke-Doane joined the Columbia department in 2014.  He is also a Periodic Visitor at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham, UK, and an Adjunct Research Associate at Monash University, Australia.  His work centers on metaphysical and epistemological problems surrounding apparently a priori, or 'armchair', inquiry, like mathematical, logical, moral and modal inquiry.  He is the author of Morality and Mathematics (Oxford University Press, 2020), Mathematics and Metaphilosophy (Cambridge University Press, 2022), and various articles.  The Philosopher's Annual selected his articles as among the "ten best in philosophy" in 2013 and 2015.  In addition to his primary areas of research, he has written on the mind-body problem, the philosophy of physics, and (with Kathryn Tabb) free will and psychopathology.

Forthcoming "Modal Objectivity" Noûs.

Forthcoming "Set-Theoretic Pluralism and the Benacerraf Problem" Philosophical Studies.

Forthcoming "Metaphysical and Absolute Possibility," Synthese (special issue on modal epistemology)

Forthcoming “Objectivity and Reliability” for an author-meets-critics symposium on Thomas Scanlon's Being Realistic About Reasons, with replies from Scanlon, Canadian Journal of Philosophy.

Forthcoming "Debunking and Dispensability" Neil Sinclair and Uri Leibowitz (eds.), Explanation in Ethics and Mathematics: Debunking and Dispensability.  Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Forthcoming  "Objectivity in Ethics and Mathematics"  Ben Colburn
(ed.), Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, The Virtual Issue.

Forthcoming "What is the Benacerraf Problem?" Fabrice Pataut (ed.), New Perspectives on the Philosophy of Paul Benacerraf: Truth, Objects, Infinity.

Forthcoming "Justification and Explanation in Mathematics and Morality" Russ Shafer-Landau (ed.), Oxford Studies in Metaethics, Vol. 10.

2014 "Moral Epistemology: The Mathematics Analogy" Noûs. Vol. 48. 238-255. [Reprinted in Sarah Aronowitz, Patrick Grim, Zoe Johnson King, and Nicholas Serafin (eds.), Philosopher's Annual, Vol. 34.]

2013 "What is Absolute Undecidability?," Noûs. Vol. 47. 467-481. 

2012 "Morality and Mathematics: The Evolutionary Challenge" Ethics. Vol. 122. 313-340. [Online Discussion at PEA Soup] [Reprinted in Patrick Grim, Chloe Armstrong, Patrick Shirreff and Nils-Hennes Stear (eds.), Philosopher's Annual, Vol. 32.]

Edited Volume

2012 Special issue of the Review of Symbolic Logic on objectivity and undecidability in mathematics.


Selected Publications

Morality and Mathematics. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2020