Faculty Interviews

Mindscape 137 | Justin Clarke-Doane on Mathematics, Morality, Objectivity, and Reality
New Books in the Arts & Sciences: Celebrating Recent Work by Justin Clarke-Doane
Interview with The New York Times on “Inequality and Secular Theodicy”

Michele Moody-Adams

Protesting police and policing protest (Mark Sanders Foundation)
Identity Politics Dissected (the “Battle of Ideas” at the Institute for Ideas Festival Barbacan in London, October 2016)
Interviewed by IVY: The Social University, about the value of philosophy (Spring 2016)
The Compatibility of Feminism and Liberalism (Hypatia Interview, July 2015)
Memory, Multiculturalism and Democracy (McGill University, celebration of the work of Charles Taylor, 2012)
The Relationship between Science and the Humanities (April 2011)
Ethical Values and Habits of Mind in Higher Education (Hastings Center, Dec. 2011)
Moody-Adams on Higher Education at Columbia and beyond (interviewed by Richard Heffner, Open Mind TV, June 2011)
What Difference can Theory make to Practice? March 2010 (lecture for Core Curriculum)
Interview with IVY: The Social University about the value of philosophy
Interview with Hypatia on "the Compatibility of Feminism and Liberalism"
Interview on "Higher Education at Columbia and Beyond" by Richard Heffner of Open Mind TV
Podcast interview with New Books in Philosophy on "The Primacy of Metaphysics